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Technology Resource Center, Inc. (TRC), was founded in 1996 as a specialty service company.

It supports utilities in augmenting their Engineering, Technician, Electrician, Metrology, Programmers, and other staffing requirements for their newly evolving subsidiaries. TRC has signed a National Service Agreement with Westinghouse Corp. to provide Technical Services in support of their WDPF, DCS upgrade projects in Electrical Power Plants throughout the USA.

Additionally, TRC has been Approved as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) and System Integrator for the Motorola Corp. in performing wireless SCADA projects worldwide for Motorola MOSCAD in their "Fixed Data" Product Division.

TRC is focusing on those industrial markets that are manpower intensive, schedule driven, and where the budgets can accommodate third party temporary manpower services.

TRC is a California Corporation Federal ID No. 33-0729605 and qualifies as a Minority Business Enterprise.
TRC has Certified as an MBE with the California Public Utility Commission’s authorized clearinghouse, Verification Number: 97ES0008.

TRC’s management has over 25 years experience in the startup and operation of specialty contract service firms. The owners and management team are all registered professional degreed engineers and have extensive experience in the application and implementation of industrial Electrical and Process Control Projects.

A corporate goal of the organization is to provide our customers with the best professional Engineering, Technician, and Craft personnel available. To accomplish this, we at TRC consider employees and perspective employees as our most valuable personnel assets and recruit, qualify, and hire with due diligence to assist our clients in the performance of their work and to assist TRC in developing the long term relationships which will lead to continual growth and profitability.

Since our founding in 1996, TRC has grown to over 90 employees and its firm revenue backlog coupled with forecast sales should lead to continued growth and profitability well into the next Millennium. We are currently working in client facilities throughout the US and are selectively guiding the growth of our business into markets and areas where we can provide the highest quality value of service to our clients.

TRC’s offices are located in Santa Ana, California and are the headquarters for TRC’s management and administrative offices.