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Technology Resource Center (TRC) was founded in 1996 as a specialty service company. Initially, the company provided personnel for the evolving subsidiaries of the utilities industry. As TRC rapidly grew; however, it's management explored new markets to diversify and further increase its staffing capabilities. Now, the company serves a wide range of industries, employing engineers, software programmers, technicians, electrical craftspersons, metrologists, and other technical specialists.

TRC greatly expanded its Service Areas beginning in 1998 in response to an incresing demand on the part of the utilities, in particular, the Power Generation and Distribution industries. An overhaul of existing switching systems and Automation developments prompted TRC to concentrate on the following new fields of Staff Augmentation:

  • Relay Test Technician Services
  • Instrument and Control Technician Services
  • Switch Gear and MCC Electrician Services
  • Control System Engineers
  • Network Administrators

TRC further expanded in 1999 with its Award and Recognition as a Value Added Reseller for Motorola's Fixed Data Product Division for the United States.

This development allowed for TRC to expand its existing knowledge of Control and Data Aquisition into the following fields:

  • Wireless SCADA
  • Central Station Software Development and Integration
  • Report Development
  • PLC System Development and Programming
  • SQL Database Development
  • Radio Survey
  • Industrial Automation

To date, TRC continues to thrive in these industries and is on the constant lookout for new automation projects and developing technologies. We are now focused on maintaing the existing system infrastructure in line with our clients needs for repair and maintenance.